I moved to Cornwall from Hampshire in 2002.  I have always been creative and Cornwall has always encouraged me to indulge myself in my creativity! 

When I met my husband in 2008 we moved to Helford Passage for work. In 2018 I started to play with watercolours and drawing in permanent pen. This gained my confidence in my own mark making. Making lots of hurried drawings of the local area. I was having so much fun. I wanted to explore acrylics for a bolder end result. This took some time and patience as the medium was completely new to me. 

In 2019 my exploration of acrylics started. I was determined to find my own way and follow a process that lit me up from start to finish.  Inspired by my beautiful surroundings here on The Helford River and around the Cornish coast. I feel compelled to express the joy in what I see and how I see it. Gently pushing shapes and colours to enhance how a view captures me. My paintings start out with a sketch to determine to me what is important and realise what it is I want it to say. I make my initial marks with watercolour pencils and map out my composition. I apply watery layers and slowly build thicker layers, refining the shapes and patterns that I see as I go. I enjoy a smooth finish, although I love texture and brush stroke marks in others work, I don’t enjoy it in mine!

Painting is now, very much my pleasure and a huge part of my life. This journey is the best adventure I have ever been on, and I’m still on it! 

I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them, in my own heartfelt way.

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